B3 Brazil Stock Exchange Signs Partnership with Microsoft and Oracle

B3 Brazil Stock Exchange Signs Partnership with Microsoft and Oracle

B3 Brazil Stock Exchange, a public company traded under ticker symbol B3SA3, has signed strategic partnership agreements with Microsoft and Oracle for the migration of its systems to the cloud within a ten-year period.

B3’s partnership with Microsoft and Oracle to migrate its systems to cloud

The partnership aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the exchange and leverage the modernization of platforms for product development and services. It will help B3 Brazil Stock Exchange develop new technologies that are not currently available for financial market operations.

B3 Brazil Stock Exchange wants to build a technical cloud with new solutions and products

According to Rodrigo Nardoni, B3’s Vice-President of Technology and Information Security, this is a transformational partnership. B3’s goal is not only technology but also innovation, agility and flexibility to serve their clients. B3 wants to build a technological environment with new solutions, and products and generate benefits that reach the entire market.

Microsoft and Oracle were chosen for this partnership because both companies have been investing and advancing significantly in innovation, performance, reliability, resilience, and cloud security. In addition, both have a global commitment to developing products and business services for the financial and capital markets.

Another important factor is that Microsoft and Oracle already have had a technical cloud interoperability partnership with each other, and this integrated work will enable B3 to implement a multi-cloud strategy, bringing a solution with the best security and robustness available in the market.

B3 Brazil has a long-standing relationship with Oracle and Microsoft

By using Microsoft Azure interconnected with Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure, B3 will have the most comprehensive solution in security certifications and ample capacity to modernize applications with speed and flexibility, optimizing and simplifying IT management.

The multi-cloud solution adopted by B3 with Microsoft and Oracle has an architecture that has all the potential of the two clouds on board, which further strengthens the institution’s strategy and brings added benefits, such as an advanced resource for business continuity, no interruptions and disaster recovery.

The partnership among the three companies also includes team-building actions through workshops, training, access to laboratories and market certifications, which will contribute to retaining and attracting new talent in the technology area.

About B3 Brazil Stock Exchange

B3 is the world’s thirteenth largest stock exchange and the second largest in the Americas, by market value. The largest soybean futures exchange in Latin America based on the number of futures contracts traded. Source: www.b3.com.br