PAHO Warns of Coronavirus Case Increase in Central America


Coronavirus cases have increased by more than 50% in Central America in early May. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reported it on May 4. Compared with the previous week, the coronavirus cases continued to increase by 53.4% in Central America this week, with three of seven countries reporting increases, although deaths continued to decline. Carissa Etienne, PAHO director, said this in a virtual press conference.

Across the Americas region, new coronavirus infections increased by 12.7% and deaths fell by less than 1%, but in the Caribbean, deaths rose for the third consecutive week by 39.6% compared to the previous seven days. In contrast, the number of new infections in countries such as Mexico and South America in general fell by 8%.

In view of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health in the Americas, PAHO will launch a high-level commission to analyze this phenomenon on May 6, which has taken its toll on the population as a whole and in particular on health workers, such as nurses.

By 2030, the Americas region will need 1.8 million more nurses. The United States will need to add 1.2 million nurses to its workforce and Canada 60,000 more by 2025.